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Monti Roman Pizzeria Named Ultimate Boston Pizza Place by Thrillist

Monti Roman Pizzeria, located in Time Out Market, was named one of the best pizzas in Boston by Thrillist. We're proud of our team for all the hard work! Here's a quote from the article "The Ultimate Boston Pizza Places for a Legit Slice."

"Food halls were dominating our gastronomical headlines before COVID hit, and slowly and surely are reasserting themselves. At Time Out Market the temptations are still deep and wide, but a special visit must be made for Michael Schlow’s first foray into pizza. These are wood-fired pies done Roman-style, which means a sturdy yet airy crust that still maintains plenty of crisp. Topping options include Tuscan kale and artichoke, but we think the Margherita best lets Schlow’s talents shine through." 

Read the full article here.

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